Vote No Get Tory Vote Labour Get Tory

This is a wee suggestion to the YES Campaign, not a particularly new one, but one I believe they need to start moving on now and getting the idea firmly imprinted on the no and don’t know voters across the country.

The referendum in September next year is the most important vote in Scotland in 307 years. Voters need to understand that a no vote may result and probably will result in more Tory Government. Scottish votes do not influence elections in this country, only once 1974, did Scottish Votes go any way to decide the make up of a Westminster Parliament. While some polls put Labour ahead of the Tories this will shift as we move closer to the 2015 general election because at the end of the day Labour are not trusted south of the border and are more Tory than the Tories anyway. For Scotland the result of a NO vote will be more right wing neo-con government where decisions made in Westminster continue to be imposed on the Scottish people. We only have to look at the recent votes on benefit changes and the privatisation of the Royal Mail to see that our vote does not matter.

We are not Better Together in any shape or form. If next year Scotland votes no you need to understand that there will be no further devolution because English MPs will not permit it, your wish for more devolved powers will not be answered. Labour / Liberals will not fight to win any further devolution, they might shout a little bit in the Unionist media to convince you that they want more devolved power but what you will get if anything will be less.

The sale yesterday of blood donations to an American Venture Capitol company is just the latest attack on the health service that has shamefully been under reported in our media. This will get worse, a lot worse as the privatisation of health in England has a detrimental effect on the proportion of spend in Scotland. As Labour/Tory/Liberal know this will in the long-term force any Scottish Government to go down the same road or face the slow but sure destruction of any decent standard of public health delivery in Scotland.

The media are anti independence and can’t and should never be trusted to tell you the truth, but the YES campaign really need to get the message out to every single person in Scotland what a NO vote will mean to them democratically and the impact this will have on the safety net that Scotland has demonstrated for hundreds of years that it supports and values.

It’s time to get real, it’s time to get nasty, it’s time to hit back and it’s time for Lamont/Rennie/Darling the home flipper to be shown up for what they are, apologists for the right and attacks on you and your standard of life in Scotland.

Please don’t believe Project Fear, please don’t walk into the biggest single mistake we can make in my lifetime and leave our children and grandchildren with a legacy that will resign them to a slow but lingering democratic oblivion that Scotland will never ever recover from. Let’s not tell the world that we had the chance to be great, but we voted to be nothing.

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