The Menu

This is a week old but I came across this today and it just annoyed me. Now a lot of things annoy me. The Labourservative Party, Johann Lamont, Willie Rennie, All Tories, Michael Moore, Better Togetherlies, Dundee Utd and Liverpool FC but this just annoyed me even more.

Now last week the G8, yes the UK probably should not be there, but anyway the G8 met in Ireland last week for a wee blether about trade. Herkel, Obama, Hollande, Harper (Canada), Abe (Japan), Putin and our very own Cameron plus Rumpey fae Europe all met for a wee chat. Now Cameron, because he is an idiot decided to tweet the menu for their lunch.

In the UK a million people or families are accessing food banks every week to sustain themselves, not lavish, not fancy, not fun, not healthy but enough food to avoid starvation for themselves and their kids. A lot of those people will have been shafted by the DWP quotas on benefits, some will be down on their luck , some will be struggling because of the bedroom tax and a lot will be the working poor. They will have received packets of noodles, soup, tins of veg, pasta and sauce, rice etc. None of it your 5 a day in any sort of fresh form.

Now compare that to the menu that Cameron sat down to which consisted of Kilkeel Crab, Prawns and Avocado Salad. Followed by Roast Fillet and Braised Shin of Kettyle Beef with Violet Artichokes, Comber New Potatoes and Seasoned Veg.  They also had a Selection of British cheese. For pudding they had Apple Crumble and Whiskey Custard plus the fancy Coffee/Tea etc.

Does this tell you that we are Better Together, that the UK(spit) is a fair and wonderful place, the place that Blair McDougall on STV last night said is the best and only option for Scotland. Food banks are vital but a national disgrace in modern Scotland, I just really hope that one of the bastards at the G8 got the skits and preferably Cameron. The man is an idiot and toilet scum, oh my hatred of the UK just grows each and every day. Vote YES in 2014, if enough of us vote YES we can save all of us.



  1. Tris

    I saw that menu, which didn’t include what they all had to drink, and I reflected that we must be the only oil rich country when hundreds of thousands rely on food banks.

    It makes me sick.

    Wouldn’t it have been a good idea for them to have an austerity dinner given that we are all in it together?

    But to tweet what they were eating at our expense, to rub our noses in it that THEY can have that kind of food on our money when so many of us can barely afford to eat, is nauseating.

    he just doesn’t understand that in the UK people are starving.

    It’s a bloody pity the arsehole didn’t choke on it.

    Can’t think of a single person who would have found that sad.

    • Anonymous


      Your correct, it just me really pissed off when I saw the actual photo. These people are monsters and we have allowed them to become what they are. It really is time for people . esp party members and unions to get control of these political parties. I suppose for myself I am as big a part of the problem as I would never get involved in any of the political parties because of how they operate and select etc. I was a member of the SNP once but gave up my membership when the Scottish Government didn’t intervene when Glasgow Health sold a hospice to a private company, that was the final straw for myself when a Labour controlled council privatised death and an SNP Government didn’t feel they could stop it.

      Today is the cuts day and if this doesn’t wake up people up nothing will.


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