When NOT to celebrate a war

Next year the United Kingdom (England) will commemorate(celebrate) the start of World War 1. Now how sick is that, does this country, or a certain part of it, have no shame. 20 million people died and 21 million people were wounded, 20 MILLION PEOPLE DIED. Nearly 100,000 Scots were killed in battle and Cameron with his pals in the Liberalservative and Labourservative Parties want to celebrate. Rough estimates indicate that the UK(England) will spend 55 million pounds on this celebration so it will be closer to 100 million. Add in 100+ million for the jubilee, billions on the Olympics and 8 million on the Thatcher party political broadcast and we could have stopped all the cuts, redundancies etc.

The Sunday Times yesterday noted that David Beckham will replay the match against Germany in no mans land, England v Germany that is. Given that we are all English as Michael Moore (Scottish Overlord and Liberal) has told us I suppose we shouldn’t mind. Glasgow Cathedral will be the focus of the celebration, the Queen will attend, Cameron and his minions Miliband and Clegg will attend, and 4 weeks before the referendum. So as well as being sick in the first place, they are using the Scottish dead to promote their fear agenda and the waving of the most disgusting flag in the World, the Union Jack. Better Together, yeah right.

Now before anyone has a go at me, yes I know the SNP Government are commemorating the event also and given the actions of England (sorry the UK Government) they probably feel they have no choice. Doesn’t make it right.

We should remember those killed in wars, but at the end of the war, NOT the beginning. My own father, sadly deceased, fought in World War 2 but he never celebrated it, he rarely talked about it and was as long as I knew him anti-war, anti-Labour/Conservative and reflected that it was the poor man who became soldiers in the main and the poor man who died in the main. These events next year are sick, I don’t care what anyone says. To celebrate the beginning of a war that killed 20 MILLION PEOPLE is sick, to start this in Scotland before the most important vote in our lifetime is sick. Britain (England) will be shoved down our throats, the Union Flag will be shoved down our throats, the Queen will be shoved down our throats, Better Together will be shoved down our throats, too wee too poor too stupid and too defenceless will be shoved down our throats.

The United Kingdom is sick, it’s broken and Cameron, Miliband, Clegg, Lamont, Davidson, Rennie and Moore can shove it. I WANT NO PART OF IT AND NOT IN MY NAME. Here is a thought, not a unique thought, but one all the same. When Cameron takes us into Syria so he can have his war too, and when Miliband and the rest support him, lets make sure the bastards are on the front line first.



  1. Norrie

    Well i never thought the British establishment would stoop so low as this. Protests outside the cathedral should be planned ASAP

    • Anonymous


      You can’t get much lower than this. How anyone can vote NO is beyond me. Thank you for your comment.


  2. Tris

    I’m sickened by it too. I want no part of it and I object to the money being spent.

    But they will do it. And the only way we can stop them turning it into a political advantage in the referendum is to say that we will commemorate the 100,000 Scottish dead, along with the dead from all the other nations.

    Anything else risks being portrayed by Cameron and his scumbag ilk as unpatriotic.

    I don’t suppose they will want to do it all again in 2018?

    I wonder what Iain Davidson thinks of this, given that he indicated that we had chosen the date to remember the slaughter of so many Englishmen?

    • Anonymous


      The more details that come out just shows how afraid they are of Scotland voting yes, fear and guilt their policy. Shame on their houses.


    • Anonymous


      Thank you very much, I’m trying to stimulate discussion and really appreciate all comments.


  3. Not in my name either

    I am in total agreement with your disgust at ‘celebrating’ the deaths of 20 million people, including 100,000 Scots.

    This scum will stoop to the depths of hell to keep Scotland in chains.

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