The Honours System

Well it’s that time of the year when the gongs start flying. The honours system is supposed to honour those people who have made achievements in public life or have committed themselves to helping Britain. For me the system is about maintaining the status quo, the wee people get an OBE, the slightly celebrity people in the main get an MBE and those that have donated to political parties, have dis-honoured what most of us believe in or in general are arse kissers get a title.

The system allows governments and their ilk to populate the Lords with failed politicians, people who have donated a lot or done something for a PM etc. It has become a political tool and just not worthy. Yes a few crumbs are thrown to a lollipop man in Leeds but in the main it is rubbish. Chris Hoy was made a Sir, Tony Robinson is going to be a Sir, McConnell was made a Barron, Wallace was made a Lord. It’s just all crap and an embarrassment. Now I am all for recognising people’s achievement, that is a good thing but I would much rather have a parliament medal or something rather than a system that reinforces class and the monarchal system. In this day and age it is outdated, add in the Lords and unelected head of state and you have a system that is in place to keep poor people down.

Many will disagree with this but it is only the last 20 years or so that ‘ ordinary ‘ people were actually allowed on the list and never ever get made a Lord. They might get thrown a wee OBE but they don’t enter the gravy train house in Westminster.

It’s a joke and it has to end.




  1. Tris

    It will end in an independent Scotland, but I have no objection to giving people honour for real service to the country, as they do in many other countries. I just don’t think that it should be for doing your job.

    Nor do I think than any honour should ever change your name.

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