A brief opinion on Syria

I won’t pretend to understand the argument or the on-going civil war in Syria but now that President Obama has agreed to help the rebels in light of Assads use of chemical weapons what we see here is that William Hague will be heading over to America for discussions. Basically William Hague is going to America to get his orders, we will soon find out that we are now supporting the opposition in Syria to various degrees. Now while helping them out may be the correct thing to do is beside the point, what I am not comfortable with is our being the poodle to Americas doberman and doing what we will no doubt be told, another argument for Independence and an EU Foreign Secretary.



  1. Boorach

    Is Hague actually going to the high hied yin or still on the starting blocks….. not picked up on that in the news?

    I don’t really think it will be boots on the ground this time, not much (if any) oil in Syria.

    Reckon they will settle for supplying arms to the opposition and their allies which includes Al Queda! If that doesn’t work next step would be ‘no fly zone’ but Obama is baulking at cost of that. However, should an ally, with a ‘special relationship’ wish to volunteer their services (no pun intended) ……….

    • Bruce


      Thanks for your reply. The Hague thing was mentioned earlier in the week when the prism thing broke. Hague was to be going over to meet Kerry to discuss Syria. I just think here we go again, UK getting involved when we should be looking at the arab nations to sort our their own mess, we can’t afford to feed people but we can afford guns, bullets, SAS etc. This countries priorities are all wrong.


  2. Tris

    What is going on in Syria isn’t our business.

    Of course unchecked it could spread to the whole Middle East.

    But I keep on asking myself why America/Britain should be sorting it out. We have no specialised knowledge. William Hague is a stupid little man.

    People moan about Muslims committing acts of terror in the UK, but we should really be thinking about why they are doing this, and we might come to see that it is because we keep on poking our stupid noses in their business. We keep on trying to make them live our way. just like we did in Africa and Asia. Usually with disastrous results.

    As Boorach says, there’s little or no oil there, so I don’t see it going too far. We only do that kind of thing if the rich are likely to make vast fortunes from it..

    • Bruce


      It’s just a joke, what os it with PMs in this country that they have to involve us in wars all the time. I just don’t think an Independent Scotland would be taking this approach at all but would be reaching out to the UN/Europe to broker some form of talks, even Major knew that talks were the best way.



  3. Boorach

    As a post script to tne above…

    Not having TV it was last night before I caught up on Thursday’s QT and heard wee Ruthie’s (possibly) party line on Syria. Now I’m beginning to be just a little frightened about possible (eventual) intervention.

    Should Cameron be thinking of emulating the witches Falklands bounce with this conflagration he would be well advised to pause and ponder bliar’s ill-advised venture in Iraq and how it reflected in the polls.

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