We’re In Recession But!

I think it’s fair to say that we are still in recession. Unemployment may have fallen if you believe the official figures( I don’t but there you go ) but either way it’s fair to say that things are still tough and in many ways getting tougher as the attacks on the poor in the form of social security cuts really start to bite.

You would think that with everything going on our elected representatives would be falling over themselves to try and fix it but what are the headlines today. Well first of all we have Gay marriage bill returns to the Commons as Conservatives continue to fight amongst themselves over this non-issue. I consider myself a Christian but do you know what, bring in equal rights and let God decide if you believe in him. It really is a no brainer. Solved.

And we have David Cameron talking tough on Europe, again. Is this really an issue right now? Is it really worth the time and coverage for what is a non-event. There is no change on the table, the UK has not said what it actually wants to re-negotiate and europe is getting on with what it gets on with but our elected representatives are spending weeks fighting about this non event.

Here in Scotlandshire we have the latest treasury fear report, our savings are not safe, in an independent Scotland. I can assume then they are in the UK, if anyone has any that is. We are only safe in the UK blah blah blah and of course front page news on the BBC and no doubt Lamonts questions this week at FMQs.

No wonder people just can’e be arsed with politics anymore.



  1. norrie hunter

    Grumpy I talk to a lot of people up here whether offshore or in my town and all despise Johan Lamont with a passion. Ok we have Alex Salmond as our local MSP but she really does annnoy them.

  2. Anonymous


    I totally agree, Lamont is the worst. She has no ideas other than her personal ambitions and a blind devotion to the Labour Party, who are just the Tories in red now. I think she does really annoy people and should be good for a few YES votes I think as the day gets closer. I am in Dundee and the SNP have done ok here running the council, certainly better than the last Lab/Lib/Con pact that kept them out for years.

    I am a nationalist but not a member of any political party. I suppose I am Liberal i nature but they are a dead party now.

    Thanks for commenting, really important to hear others views.


  3. Tris

    This is what the Labour Youth have to say about Labour.


    The Tories are rumoured to be about to get rid of Cameron and according to a New Statesman article Ukip is only a couple of points behind the Tories and 11 points in front of the Liberals for voting intentions in European elections.


    Bloody hell!

    Oh, yeah and MPs want a £20,000 rise and Parliament buildings in London are falling into disrepair and require billions spent on them.

    Get me out.

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