Gordon Brown

That’s it then, stop the YES Campaign, don’t bother going to the polling station, take down the window posters and change your links on your website. Yes Super Gordon Brown has arrived to save us Scots from ourselves, he has made his millions touring the world talking to people. Big Gord has come home and David Torrance the man the BBC think has all the answers to everything politics in Scotland, along with Prof John Curtice, says it’s a good thing so it must be then.

Gordon Brown, part time MP for Dunfermline, failed Chancellor of the Exchequer, failed Prime Minister. The man credited with reforming the banking system to the extend that he helped the world go through the worse banking crisis the world has ever seen. Of course his supporters will say that is not true, well think about this. When Big Gord de-regulated banking in the centre of the UK’s World London, he forced the rest of the world to follow suit and way hay banking collapsed but we are told he saved the world. Gordon Brown who presided over the removal of the 10p tax rate thus hurting the poor, Gordon Brown who presided over the largest gap between the rich and poor in our history, Gordon Brown who allowed wealthy companies get even wealthier through PFI supported by people like Lord McConnell.

Gordon Brown the son of a Church of Scotland Minister and a family of timber merchants. He had God and the wealthy on his side. Gordon Brown who called an old lady a bigot, the man who went to work on so few occasions that you wonder how the voters are actually represented in his constituency. Gordon Brown is telling us vote YES to the Union and No to the Tories but no means more of the same or less, No means conservative rule, No means more London less Scotland, No means social security cuts, No means Trident, No means Miliband, No means poverty. But that’s ok with Big Gordon because he really doesn’t give a crap about you or yours.

For me Gordon Brown is a disgusting man and politician, he has an ego the size of Australia and would have ruined them too if they had our banking system. Gordon Brown does not give a crap about Scotland or Scottish people, he cares about power and money, he cares about the Labour Party and the lies it continues to tell to get power. He has lined his own pockets with gold but has come home to tell you and me we can’t hope for a better future for our children and our country. Do not listen to this man, do not believe this man, do not trust this man. If he says something is good start with the assumption that it is bad.



  1. Tris

    I’m not sure why on earth they thought he was a good choice. He does have adherents in Scotland, particularly in Fife, where I once did some campaigning for the SNP and was roundly abused by people who thought the sun shone from Gordon’s back side. But overall he is remembered for the things you list and the fact that he raided the pension schemes and broke them.

    Scotland, and the UK would have been a far better place if Gordon Brown hadn’t gone in to politics.

    And wow has he got his own back on Alistair Darling for slighting him in his book…

    Is Darling still leading Better Whatsit, even though it is now, according to the BBC (Labour’s press office in Scotland) it is run by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats?

  2. Anonymous


    You do wonder about the thinking at times. I agree with you about Darling and BT, is this a split in the campaign, do they believe that it’s a fight between the SNP and Labour because if they so bring it on as Labour will fail on their record when the media actually have to do the equal coverage bit.

    Personally I am happy to have Big Gord involved as it will remind everyone how crap it is to be a part of a Union where London is a different country and it therefor treated differently within it. Gordon Brown caused as much misery in 2 years that Blair caused in 11 and his record is there for all to see. I would much rather have him and Lament together than Darling as Darling is as slippery as an eel.

    There is def something a foot as they are ahead in the polls but look like they are starting to panic, I really think something is a miss and if the press did their jobs properly we might actually know what was going on.



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