What If

I was having a wee thought to myself, it does happen, and I was wondering what if the following happened next year and would this influence the yes vote:

England win the World Cup in Brazil – Now no matter how unlikely this is we are all going to be sick of the media coverage from Brazil over the summer regarding the England National Team. They will mention 1966 300 times a day, they will slag off every other nation as not being , well England, and they will praise their team to the ends of the earth and tell us how much Wayne Rooney is going to win it for them. We will hear that Scotland are just not in Brazil. Now I know I will be well pissed off by the time England go out but could this be the year we might just want them to win it.

The Commonwealth Games – Scotland won’t win these games, England and Australia will be far and large the big two. We will no doubt be reminded that if this was the Olympics Scotland would finish 204 in the medal table. Would it help a yes vote if we don’t win any medals and England win them all.

Ryder Cup – I am thinking that no Scots making the team might be the way to go and Luke Donald holes the winning putt in a trouncing of the USA. We will then hear how wonderful England were with help from Europe, we will hear that no Scots were good enough to make the team, and that Scotland is just too small and too wee and too shite to compete on the national stage, would this help a yes vote.

Tory Recovery or Labour meltdown – Would it help a yes vote if the Tories suddenly start to recover in the polls and have a huge lead over Labour. Would it help if labour continue to offer no alternative to the attacks on the poor and the Tories continue with it . Would it help if the Queen abdicates and Willie and child get enthroned. Would that help a yes vote.

I am kinda thinking that next year could just be the year that we want England to be the number one nation of the world as we will all be so sick of it, of watching Labour have to stand up and be a part of it, watching Lamont have to toe the party line and kiss up to Englandshire and of course Glasgow City Council messing the whole thing up. England will be Britain for the summer (nothing new there I appreciate that).

Just a thought, what do you think?


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