Millions of words are going to be written over the next few days about Margaret Thatcher. A lot of what we will see will glorify her, will make her out to be something she may or may not have been. There will be the issue of the state funeral if that’s what she is afforded and of course there will be a lot of joy, maybe even some sadness.

I guess for me I just have mixed feelings. There are the feelings of my early teenage years of high unemployment, Ravenscraig, the miners, the poll tax , the end of free school milk to her glorifying Argentinians being killed by the barrow load in the Falkland War. I remember when viewing her on tv as her being a scary woman who appeared to have no compassion, no love, no humour. She appeared to hate Scotland, well thats what people told me. I’m not sure that she hated Scotland, I just don’t think she cared either way.

She was a middle class woman with some connections who decided to wage war on anything she didn’t like, she saw people being the problem rather than the circumstances they found themselves in. She wanted to change the UK into this vision that she had of her own experiences, but in doing so divided the country into those who could and those who wouldn’t be allowed to. She decided that those who couldn’t would be left behind and that there would be two classes, the have’s and the have-nots.

Many in Scotland tonight will be calling her everything under the sun, many in Scotland will celebrate her passing. Me, all I see now is a sad woman who was adored by those she hated and hated by those she needed to accept her. She was neither one of them or one of us, she was just a confused, angry and frustrated woman who never really achieved anything at the end of the day. She won’t be remembered for a great painting, a great album, a great story. She didn’t  transform Scotland, she just became a figure to hate.

For me Margaret Thatcher was a failure, a failure of her time, a failure of the UK, a failure as a human being.



  1. norrie hunter

    She did what she did for middle England where her vote were. She left a legacy in New Labour which I will remember her for with deep regret. Blair Brown et al are clones of her.

    • Anonymous


      Of course you are correct she did change the Labour Party for the worst. I had a wee snigger at Johan Lamont last night politly lambasting her when she is more like her than any Scottish labour Politician in many a year.

      Many people admire her, BBC Scotlands selective use of interviewing people in the street was a joke. I think they showed five people and maybe one was against her. That I would argue is not reflective of Scottish sentiment on Margaret Thatcher. Also the sight of Menzies Campbell shaking his head at Gordon Wilson said it all for me when it comes to the Liberals.

      I don’t have any found memories of Thatchers time, what I saw growing up and no doubt it will be played down by the media in Scotland and played up in England. We live in sad times.

      Thank you very much for your comment.

  2. Tris

    Well put Bruce.

    Her legacy is that England moved to the right. She pulled people into the Tory world by encouraging them to become property owners. This removed the option for many of them of going on strike. It tied them to banks, but they felt financially better for it (until the roof needed fixed, or the wiring required renewal).

    She decimated the unions, sold off the silver, including really important things like Water (in England), Electricity, Gas. The result was that the prices went up and up, as acting as a cartel the companies, owned in America, France and China, found themselves in a situation where a right wing government wouldn’t stop them profiteering from the misery of cold people in Scottish winters.

    She set the City free and she made it impossible for a real Labour government ever to be elected in England. So Labour became Conservative Lite.

    She gloried and rejoiced at the deaths of young Argentinians, just doing what their old men of the Junta told them to do. She sank a ship to equal up the numbers. She personally gave the order.

    And she did it because she knew that it would win her the next election by taking jingoistic minds off her odious domestic policies.

    She laid waste to Scotland; closed industries, ruined communities, made people redundant and offered only call centre work as an alternative. Britain could have been like Germany, which simply modernised its industries instead of abandoning them. When the unemployment she created became an embarrassment at 3.5 million, she fiddled the figures, excluding some groups, and insisted that people be transferred to sickness benefits, the figures for which were not published,

    She was involved in the cover up of the incompetence of the police at Hillsborough and allowed people’s families to believe that they died because they were drunk or hooligans, .. when they died because the police didn’t know what they were doing.

    She was vile in every way.

    I’ll be glad when its over.

    But watch out. This is a wonderful time for her to do her last service to the Tories. It is a good week to bury bad news.

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