1st April 2013 ‘ Doomsday for the Poor, Vulnerable and Disabled ‘

Today will be no joke for 100’s of thousands of poor people, vulnerable people, disabled people and children across the UK and Scotland. Some people will now face eviction or debt due to changes to housing benefit, their choices will be to feed themselves and their family or pay the rent. Some will have to decide if they should walk miles to work(transport costs are too high), feed the kids or pay the rent.

Today we are going to hear about people being told to get off their arse and find work, but the fact that finding work which pays enough to live on is pretty impossible in Scotland right now doesn’t matter. People are going to be told to move to smaller one bedroom properties, problem being that after decades of no investment in social housing there are very few available. People are going to be told that the fact that they can no longer feed their kids a decent undernourished meal is because we are all in it together.

Lets me be clear here, millionaires from the three main political parties are doing this to me and you today. In five days time anyone earning over £150,000 a year will receive a tax cut, this is the politicians looking after their own simple as that. And lets also be clear on who is to blame, the Conservatives are to blame, the Liberals are to blame, the bankers are to blame and most of all in many ways the Labour Party is to blame. It was under Gordon Brown that banks were allowed to destroy our financial system, it was under Labour that the Tories have found it easier to continue with their work and none of them are going to stand up for you.

In Scotland we are lucky in some ways, well in one way, in September 2014 we can vote for a different way, for control of our own destiny. I am sorry but my message to everyone even considering a no vote, if you vote no you are just like the millionaires of Labour, of the Liberals and of the Tories. A no vote means that in reality you support these attacks on the poorest and most vulnerable, you support poverty and hunger, you support privilege, you support greed and you only care for  yourselves.

The guilty here today are not the poor and disabled or the children who will be made to suffer because of these Victorian policies. The guilty are:

Ian Duncan Smith

Johan Lamont

Willie Rennie

Tony Blair

Ed Miliband

Vince Cable

Nick Clegg

Ruth Davidson

David Cameron

George Osbourne

Micheal Moore

Ian Davidson

They should be in court for crimes against the Scottish people. But if you in any shape or form support these changes to social security, if you in any way support their policies then you are as guilty as they are.



  1. Tris

    Where it can the Scottish government has stood between the bullying, vile regime of the Bullingdon millionaire drunks and the people of Scotland.

    It will provide £40 million to ensure that the poorest do not have to swallow the reduction in council tax relief. Where the SNP is in power in local authorities it will not pursue people for eviction if they are genuinely trying to pay their bedroom tax.

    But it can do nothing about the removal of tax credits that will find those who work part time receiving a tax top up. It can do nothing to redistribute the tax bonus that the very rich will get.

    That is the right of the sovereign government of the UK. If we wish to stop this iniquity, we have to have our own sovereign government.

    Lucky, as it happens, we will have the opportunity to do that in the near future. Let’s not waste it.

    On the positive side, given that the 50p tax has been shelved maybe that greedy bas***d Michael Caine will consent to return to his native England to live. That will make a big difference to our lives.

  2. Anonymous


    I agree the Scottish Government is trying to help where they can and I hope people will get the opportunity to see it. The sad thing for myself was this morning, for some reason I ended up with radio 5 and the right wing bile being allowed to pass for comment on a supposedly balanced programme was just plain sad that this country has come to the place where bashing the poor is the new sport. I really do think that my tack no is that if anyone says to me they are voting no then they approve of these attacks on the poor because I can’t understand how anyone could vote no now.


  3. Anonymous

    the SNP should stand shoulder to shoulder with the anti bedroom tax. Alex Salmond should have bbeen leading the march

  4. Anonymous

    I’m not sure if AS should be leading the march, it would also be nice if the leaders from all the parties in Scotland came out against it but sadly that is not the case. Rennie and Davidson are for it, Lamont is for the principle of social security cuts and just goes for quick headlines, the greens are against and SNP councils have said no evictions. I think AS should probably run the country and trust his ministers to do some of the other stuff.

    Thanks for your comment.


  5. Boorach

    The really sad part of this is that the perpetrators of what, in reality, is a crime against humanity can’t see that what they are doing is just plain WRONG.

    I listened to a Bishop of the Church of England actually defending these draconian cuts on ‘any questions’ the other week. Rabbiting about how wage rises were averaging approx 1% ergo the unemployed/disabled shouldn’t get more or even as much. How can a supposedly intelligent Christian man compare and contrast 1% of £75.00 a week with 1% of the average UK wage.

    18 September 2014 the day we can begin to right the wrongs inflicted on the people of this country and start to build a better, a civilised society.

    • Anonymous


      I consider myself a Christian but you have to wonder about some of the clergy, I have no church just now for lots of reason. You would think a bishop might understand but they earn £30,000 plus a year and can claim around £27,000 plus expenses for sitting in the Lords and most do by all accounts, so in reality some of them are much a part of the problem as are the politicians.

      I just found today to be a really sad change in our country that will go down as the worst attack on the poor in hundreds of years and for me anyone who votes no is for cuts and attacks on the poor. I respect other people’s opinions but I think the time has come for me to just take the gloves off and say enough. I will continue to respect other peoples opinions but I will no longer play nice and try to be the nice yes voter who wants to cajole, to convince. These people just don’t deserve my energy anymore, it’s the don’t knows that I need to target.

      Thanks for your comment.

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