Yes and No Vote

A little take on what a YES or NO vote might mean to you.

A YES vote will mean you will decide the future government and first minister of Scotland in 2016.

A NO vote means that the south east of england/london will decide who will be prime minister in 2015, David Cameron or Ed Miliband anyone.

A YES vote will mean that the Scottish government, elected by you, will decide social security policy for Scotland.

A NO vote means the bedroom tax, the end of tax credits, the end of the winter allowance, tax breaks for millionaires all decided in Westminster by MPs you did not elect.

A YES vote will bring an end to nuclear weapons being based in Scotland against your will.

A NO vote will mean nuclear weapons and the renewal of trident at a cost of £150 BILLION POUNDS approx being based in Scotland against your will.

A YES vote will mean that the Scottish government controls the levers of the economy where possible, deciding what is best for Scotland in Scotland.

A NO vote means that Westminster (George Osbourne), not elected by you in a parliament you did not vote for controlling the economy where possible based on what is in the best interests of the south east of england and london bankers.

A YES vote will mean that you elect parties in Scotland who will have to work in the best interests of and for Scotland.

A NO vote will mean people in the south east elect parties only interested in the middle england vote and who will represent the south east of england and london. We will retain the likes of Davidson, Rennie and Lamont working for and on behalf of the government you did not elect.

A YES vote will mean a Scottish Broadcasting Corporation reporting Scottish news and politics.

A NO vote will mean a British Broadcasting Corporation reporting only what they want you to know and mis-representing Scotland at every turn.

A YES vote will mean that health and social policy are decided in Scotland based on the needs of Scotland decided by a Scottish parliament.

A NO vote will mean that the privatisation of the NHS in england results in less pocket money for health funding in Scotland.

A YES vote will mean we will represent ourselves within europe and the united nations.

A NO vote will mean our coming out of europe, decided by voters in england, and only representing ourselves when we are allowed to.

A YES vote will mean our armed forces are based in Scotland representing Scottish interests decided by a Scottish Parliament.

A NO vote means our armed forces are based everywhere but Scotland taking part in wars based on lies decided by a parliament that you did not vote for.

A YES vote will mean no more house of lords filled with unelected failed politicians.

A NO vote means more unelected failed politicians making decisions on Scotland against your will and that you have no control over.

A YES vote will mean we can have a discussion about the head of state and a vote if we desire.

A NO vote will mean that the Windsor family will remain your head of state, that their children will rule over you and your children and you will have never voted for any of them.

A YES vote will mean that we are responsibly for our affairs, our successes and failures and our own futures.

A NO vote will mean that others will decide our future, when we can have success and will revel in our failures i.e Willie Rennie, Johan Lamont, Michael Moore, Ruth Davidson.

A YES vote means we will have a chance to make positive change for our country , ourselves and our children for generations to come.

A NO vote means that we don’t care enough about ourselves, our country, our children’s futures and are happy to let others make all the decisions for us.

Just my take on a YES or NO. Please add any comments and if you think I’m wrong prove me wrong.

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5 Responses to Yes and No Vote

  1. Decisions decisions, its so hard!

  2. You’re spot on,

    I have created a link to this article from my webpage where I am linking to various sources of information to bring together as many Pro Independence sites as possible, and bring it to peoples attention.

  3. dmcl says:


  4. Anonymous says:


    Scotland would not be governed from Europe, like the UK is not governed by Europe, but Scotland is governed by Westminster and Tory governments never elected in Scotland. Going by your comment would you rather the world was just governed by the UN as there is no point.

    There will always need to be co-operation between countries, be that Europe or between Scotland and the rest of the UK, this might be around free trade, defence, foriegn policy and human rights.

    But if we want to find a balance of social justice and fairness, the ability to grow the economy at the micro level, remove things like trident which are a vanity project and a waste of money and can not be decent in any country when people are using foodbanks. Those are things that Scotland has no control over because it does not have the levers to change them if Westminster doesn’t agree. We recently had the situation that the House of Lords removed Scotlands powers over green issues so that they could issue fracking licenses in Scotland, no consultation, no agreement. That is not democracy, you can look at social policy (the bedroom tax, DLA) Scotland has different needs and would be able to do a better job with control over that area but no control means that Scottish people have to accpet policies that have never been acceptable here.

    I would say you need to really go and research the facts and make an informed choice, if you like let me know and I can point you in the direction of some great blogs and news sites that you get more balanced information, I know that anyone who actually takes on board the truth would vote nothing but YES if they want a better Scotland.

    Thanks for commenting and giving me the chance to talk to you.


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