Better Together

Decided that my next wee post or rant would be about the Better Together movement.

Better Together is the campaign organised to encourage Scots and voters in Scotland that Scotland is better remaining part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. So far if you asked many people they won’t be able to tell you much more than the negative headlines they have seen in the papers and on the BBC.

But let’s take a step back. The leader or spokesperson for BT is a certain Mr. Alistair Darling MP(Labour Party). Alistair is the former Chancellor of the Exchequer and the man who presided over the largest Banking Crisis ever seen in the UK. Alistair is also the man who managed to claim expenses on a flat that he rented out in London, while also claiming expenses for his grace and favour home in Downing Street. Alistair also designated four different homes in four years claiming expenses on them all and stamp duty.

Alistair voted strongly in favour of the war in Iraq and against the investigation into it. Voted for replacing Trident Nuclear weapons, voted for ID cards, voted for university tuition fees, Alistair has voted in less than 50% of the votes in Parliament and never ever ever votes against the Labour Party. Obviously an honest, hard working MP with the highest level of integrity, someone you can trust, someone you should listen to when it comes to the future of your family and your country, NOT.

We also have Ruth Davidson MSP and head of the Conservatives Scottish Branch. Ruthie is one of the MSPs for Glasgow. Looking at her voting record she votes with Labour and the Liberals quite a lot and either abstains, doesn’t turn up or votes against the SNP Government. She has in fact never voted with the Government on a single issue that I can see, what does that tell you. It tells me that she hates the SNP more than she ever considers the issues. A wee indication of this womans beliefs as that she abstained in a vote calling for the regulation of payday loan companies, the very companies that inflict much misery on the poorest, oh some are owned by Tory financial backers, WONGA being one of the companies with the ear of government. Obviously another one you can trust with telling the truth and being honorable, NOT.

Willie Rennie MSP(Liberal Democratic Tory). You might not have heard of Willie but here is a man who really has little to offer overall. Willie instigated a home rule commission that will look at I suppose a sort of federalism for Scotland, however this will not report back to us the voters with any conclusions until after the vote in 2014, interesting. Willie has recently insisted that cuts to benefits are essential and no change is not an option. Another politician you can trust with your vote, NOT.

So above are the three honest, hard-working politicians with the utmost integrity who will convince you through Better Together that we are , well, Better Together. But what do we get from being BT? Well according to BT supporters we are British, mmmm not very compelling but ok some folk see themselves as such. We have the NHS, yes and we will still have it after a YES vote. We have the BBC, mmmm really. Certainly feels like the EBC given how anti Scotland it would appear to be. We have the economy, again really. The 7th largest economy in the world in a country with the widest gap between the rich and the poor. Trident Nuclear Weapons, yeah love it . Great Britain can kill millions of people all over the world, actually we will never fire the horrible things and they are a very expensive seat at the top table. We also have the UN, G8, IMF and lets not forget the special relationship with America that Americans only remember when they need something.

But when I think of Better Together I think of the Poll Tax, Ravenscraig, Tory Rule, Labour Lies. I think of MPs in it for themselves and getting rich, I think of poverty, of the bedroom tax and of Lamont telling me I live in a something for nothing country.  I think of Iraq, of unemployment , of poor health equality. I think of trident and the waste of money for this death weapon, I think of the Economist Skintland Cover and BBC propaganda, I think of the high cost of living and no pay rise. I think of fuel prices and going cold, I think of Glasgow suffering from Labour mis-rule for generations. When I think of Better Together I think of the unelected Royal family and House of Lords, I think about the Olympics and the lack of legacy in Scotland but what really bothers me in many ways is that the undemocratic Scottish Parliament of Ian Davidsons Labour Party is in fact the parliament led by an SNP Government that has given us the means to save our country.

Before you vote for or believe anything the Better Together Campaign tell you, research their points, learn about them as individuals and as a group, judge them against their actions. You might just find that while they are Better Together neither you, your family or Scotland ever will be.



  1. grumpyscottishman

    Thanks for being the first to comment on my new blog Chic. These blogs are just my opinions and rants and a way to try to not get too frustrated but any comment on the points or my writing would be much appreciated as I try to undertsand my own feelings on this vital time in our lives.

  2. bringiton

    There are actually two campaigns ongoing at present.
    Better Together who are campaigning to “save” the UK and the Yes movement who are campaigning for an independent Scotland.
    These two campaigns have nothing in common other than the BT lot having to prevent the Yes lot from succeeding.
    The BT campaign has nothing to offer Scots in the way of improvement as all they have to say is “independence bad”,in fact they really don’t have much of a campaign,period.
    How many countries in the world would give up their independence to a neighbour and allow them to run their affairs?
    That is what they are asking Scots to do,except many Scots haven’t worked that out….yet.
    Thanks Bruce.

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